What My Students Say

Lauren, Recording Artist

Lauren started as a guitarist who knew open chords, and very little about music theory for her songwriting. Now, she writes music she is proud of, using any types of chords she pleases, and really understands theory in a way that she can write new music, and analyse the tricks and habits of her favourite musicians.

'I've been taking weekly classes with Reece for over a year now and wow... I'm blown away! Reece is a great teacher, very nice, and I have learned so much! My level has progressed at a rapid pace and beyond the practice we work a lot on theory and composition. Today, thanks to Reece, I can compose and write on the guitar. I also admire his guitar playing and all his knowledge so yes I can only recommend him 100%!'

Sofia, Music Student

Sofia began her lessons recently, after having taking a few lessons when she was young. She had never played fingerstyle guitar, and within 4 months of starting with me, she has mastered songs like Blackbird, Hallelujah, I See Fire and Fast Car. She performed Blackbird at a school exam and passed with flying colours. Here's what her mum has to say about her lessons.

'Reece is a fantastic teacher. My daughter loves her lessons and has come on more in the past few months with Reece than the past few years at school! I’m so glad we were recommended him.'

David, Professional Musician

David came to me as a guitarist with years worth of experience and a great ear on the guitar, looking to improve his ability and take his musicianship to the next level. From the very beginning, I took David through theory and developed within him an undertsanding of music that suited his goals as a writer, performer and lead guitarist. Since we began, he has started his own successful band in the North West that features songs we have worked out and developed in our lessons. David is now on a journey of every developing his understanding and creativity with me, and you'd be hard pressed to find a musical topic he doesn't know much about.

'Superb guitar tuition from a brilliant musician!'

Emily, Recording Artist

Emily began her lessons with the very clear goal of improving her techique and understanding of music to help her to write improved songs and perform them. Within weeks it paid off, as her self taught habits were corrected, and the new things she was learning about music inspired new songs almost immediately. Since she began her lessons, she has recorded and release a full studio album and EP.

'Reece is a great teacher. He has a real enthusiasm for the guitar and it shows through his teachings. He has never made me feel silly for asking questions about something I didn’t understand but takes his time explaining things and making me feel confident. I really enjoy and look forward to his lessons. I had limited knowledge about guitar but with Reece, it doesn’t whether you have any knowledge or not, he is able to work with anyone who is interested in learning more. Would definitely recommend to anyone who just wants to learn more about the guitar.'

Peter, Hobbying Musician

Peter began his lessons with me looking to improve his ability to be creative when playing along with songs and jamming with his band. Since his lessons, he can now pick out the key of almost any song he plays along with, use his ear to find great phrases, and is enjoying a freedom on the instrument that he had never experienced before.

'Reece is an excellent teacher. His lessons combine the theory necessary to understand what you play and the practical of how to play, with a mix of songs to put it all together. His experience in playing live gigs and writing songs comes through with the tips and tricks to help us mere mortals start to climb the ladder. I’ve been playing various instruments for many years, but but Reece’s lessons over the last 2 years have given me more insight then the previous 50!'

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