Want to learn to develop your own ideas on the guitar, or learn to develop those is to full songs for people to listen to? Here's how I will help as a tutor and working songwrite!

Learn from the best!

- Learn to break down your favourite songs and learn how they came to be!

- Develop your own basic ideas, taking inspiration from the songwriters you know and love!

Going Deeper

- Turn your great ideas into full songs by learning how to develop new sections, and writer lyrics and melodies!

- Push your abilities further by writing in new styles and with new limitations!

Ever since I could play anything, I start messing around with my own ideas. Since then I have developed that into working as a songwrite, both for my own projects and working with other artists. If this is something you'd love to learn to do, send me an email!


Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, John Mayer, Jimmy Page, Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Elton John, Queen, James Taylor, Max Martin and many more!