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Beginner Riff Package

Intermediate Riff Package 1

'Power' Chords

Power chords are made by adding one more note to the note you are playing. The extra note is always on the next highest string, 2 frets up. Eg:

Main note = 3rd fret of low E string

Power Chord note = 5th fret of A string

The 12 Bar Blues

The 12 Bar Blues is a classic progression in blues music. In the simplest sense, it is a 3 chord progression that lasts 12 bars, or 12 counts of 4 beats.

I (1st chord) - 4 bars

IV (4th chord) - 2 bars

I - 2 bars

V (5th chord) - 1 bar

IV - 1 bar

I - 1 bar

V - 1 bar (The Turnaround)

The bar count can also be taken as a ratio (i.e if you only play the first chord for 2 bars, all the other bar counts would also half). When you hear a shuffle/swing/blues rhythm, these beats are often counted on the kick and snare drum.