Song Analysis

Something - The Beatles

Chord Progression:

C | Cmaj7 | C7 | F (F-E Walk)

D7 | G (A-B) | Am Am(maj7) | Am7 D9

F Eb G | C

Chord Shapes:


- Notice the descending chromatic melody through the first 4 bars, harmonized by variations on a I IV harmony.

- Notice the transition to D7 (a normally jarring chord in C Major) with a bass walk in the key of C of - IV III II (the root of the D7).

- Notice both Dominant Chords progressing to their relative IVs (acting as the fifth of the next chord).

- Notice again the chromatic walkdown though another I IV harmony, this time outlined by an Am-D (the relative minor of the initial chromatic descent).

- Notice the turnaround changing a classic progression (IV V) by adding the III chord of the parallel minor key - C Minor. The Eb high root in the chord shape provides a bluesier walkdown to the C.

Blue - Joni Mitchell

Chord Progression

Bm7 | A/B | Bm7 | A/B 

Gmaj7 D/E | E D/E | E D/E | E D/E

Bm7 Gmaj9 | E/A

Need Your Love So Bad - Fleetwood Mac

Sailing Ships - Whitesnake

Your Song - Elton John

Always With Me, Always With You - Joe Satriani

Changes - David Bowie

Need Your Love So Bad - Fleetwood Mac