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Beginner Riff Package

Intermediate Riff Package 1

'Power' Chords

Power chords are made by adding one more note to the note you are playing. The extra note is always on the next highest string, 2 frets up. Eg:

Main note = 3rd fret of low E string

Power Chord note = 5th fret of A string

The 12 Bar Blues

The 12 Bar Blues is a classic progression in blues music. In the simplest sense, it is a 3 chord progression that lasts 12 bars, or 12 counts of 4 beats.

I (1st chord) - 4 bars

IV (4th chord) - 2 bars

I - 2 bars

V (5th chord) - 1 bar

IV - 1 bar

I - 1 bar

V - 1 bar (The Turnaround)

The bar count can also be taken as a ratio (i.e if you only play the first chord for 2 bars, all the other bar counts would also half). When you hear a shuffle/swing/blues rhythm, these beats are often counted on the kick and snare drum.

Nursery Rhyme Melodies

Stand By Me


I'm Yours

Can't Help Falling in Love (With You)

Best of You

House of the Rising Sun

Hey Joe

Free Fallin'