Want to clear up your fretboard or learn the fundamentals of what makes music sound great? Here's how my tuition will help!

Learn the Basics

- Learn the basic shapes across your fretboard to open up the whole neck! Understand what you're playing more, and break out of the same old chords or scale shapes!

- Learn what chords and notes go together well, the basics of playing in keys, and how to play along with anything!

Going Deeper

- Master your fretboard and play in any key and place with triads, arpeggios, mode shapes and advanced chords!

- Master your understanding of my by studying the best songwriters and learning the modes, advanced chord theory and harmony!

I have always strived to understand what I'm playing to make sure I don't get stuck in the same shapes and patterns. If you'd like to learn to do the same, send me an email!


Life On Mars, What a Wonderful World, Strawberry Fields Forever, Changes, Fly Me to the Moon, Good Vibrations and more!

Theories and Shapes:

Creating Chord Scales, Root Shapes, Arpeggios and Triads, The Modes and Advanced Scales, Extended and Altered Chords, Substitutions and Reharmonization and more!