I enjoy working and sharing my knowledge with lots of different students through all kinds of media and forms. Take a look below to see all the different types of lessons I offer, with links to each, and see which type of tuition would best suit you!

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Guitar Player, Guitar Teacher

Free Social Media Lessons

Over on my social media accounts I regularly post lesson videos and explainations, covering a wide range of topics from music theory and technique work, to learning songs and the fretboard. Click either of the icons below that best works for you.

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Complete Lesson Blogs

Every week I post full blog lessons on my website (tabbed above). Here I dive a lot deeper into a topic than on social media, and leave you with specific areas to practice and ideas to learn. The blogs tends to contain a lot more real world experience with the ideas I discuss too. If you'd like to read the lessons I have posted so far, then click the button below.

Weekly Email Lesson

Once or twice a week I send a free full lesson to those on my mailing list. This lesson contains a complete lesson breakdown, explaination, all the tabs and diagrams needed, and specific exercises and practices to take away each week, giving you something new and interesting to learn and explore every week. To sign up to get a free lesson every week right in your inbox, just fill in the form below!

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Guitar Player, Guitar Teacher


For a much deeper and complete look into many areas of playing guitar I regaularly write and release full ebooks. The topics of these books are varied, but provide full information on the topics they cover, as well as complete diagrams, exercises, examples, practices and guidelines for what to do after you've finished the book. My highest seller, 'Complete Guitar Freedom' is available down below. This book covers everthing you need to know to break out of any ruts you find yourself in, learn the bigger picture of music, and step by step helps you to become a more creative musician.

Online Mini-Courses

For a step further from written books and lessons, I also offer video based online min-courses. These are great if you want a real deep dive into a particular area of playing, and are much better for those of you that learn best through visuals, vocal explainations and hearing examples. To find out which courses are already available and which would be best for you to dive into, check out the link below.


Online Full Courses

These are the full, complete and all-encompassing video courses that I provide. These are perfect for much bigger areas of study, and for achieving a much higher level of mastery in any area of guitar playing. These courses come with full video explainations, written summaries of the lessons, a completely mapped out journey through the topic, step by step lessons from beginner to advanced, and comprihensive tabs, diagrams and other rescources to provide you with the tools you need during and after the course. To find out what areas of guitar playing you can master through my online courses, click the link below.


Personal Course Lessons

If there is a particular area of guitar playing that you would like to tackle, I provide one to one sessions, and tailor made lesson structures to tutor you through to your goals. This is obviously much more interactive and hands-on than using my online courses, and I run these courses at specific times of the year. To find out which courses are available and book your place, use the link below.


One-to-One Personal Tuition

My one-to-one students have access to fully tailored and personalised lesson sessions, their own log in to the Student Hub where I provide tailor made diagrams, tabs and lesson summaries for their lessons, and complete weekly access to me for any questions they may have. If you would like me to personally work with you to guide you towards your guitar playing goals, please email me personally using the form below.

Email me, reference 'Personal Tuition':

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