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Having been a professional guitarist and tutor for the better part of a decade, my lessons revolve around the real world experience I have gained in the industry, and the principles for learning that I know work.

I have worked with guitarists at every level, and worked to help them become better, and more well-rounded musicians.

My passion for guitar undoubtedly translates into my lessons, and I love seeing the progress of the students I work with. Whether it's finally stringing together their first chords, or seeing a song they've worked on with me come to life on stage.

As well as working as a guitar tutor, I work in the music industry as a professional guitarist, songwriter and music producer. These roles provide me with an experience and knowledge of being a musician that wouldn't be afforded to me otherwise. Through this experience, I help to make my students not just great guitarsts, but more competent and inteligent musicians, able to forge their own path in music, and enjoy freedom and creativity on the instrument.

If you would like to work with me to become a better guitarist, then send me a message and we can organise a free call to discuss where you're currently at, and whether my guitar lessons would be right for you.

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