'Reece’s lessons over the last 2 years have given me more insight than the previous 50!'

Hi, my name is Reece Roughley and I'm a professional guitar tutor in the UK. Scroll down to hear from my current students, learn more about the types of lessons I offer, and how to get in touch!

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Hear From My Students

What to Expect From my Lessons

  • Learn to master any song or technique with my tried and true methods to improve on the guitar quickly!

  • Learn to really understand music in the best way possible to help you be creative, and learn at a rapid rate.

  • Work with a tutor who truly cares about your progress, and does all your heavy lifting in terms of lesson notes, tabs, diagrams and more!

  • Easy going, relaxed and clear lessons, so you know exactly what to focus on now, and where we're going.

  • Complete transparency with my other roles in the music industry as a performer, songwriter and music producer.

  • Lessons tailored to your interests, music tastes and goals.

  • Support and guidance for life outside of playing, either in the music industry or exams and school.

What to Expect When You Sign Up

  • Free copy of 50+ page eBook - 'Complete Guitar Freedom', the roadmap to being a great guitarist.

  • One to one lesson bookings that fit around your schedule.

  • Complete personalised log-in to the Student Hub where all tabs, diagrams and lesosn summaries are kept

  • ALL lesson resources provided in advance of your lessons

Limited spaces available, so email to book now!

Get in touch:

Thanks for messeging, I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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Chester, UK

Complete Guitar Freedom - The eBook

Have you ever found yourself stuck on the guitar and don’t know where to go next? Maybe you keep playing the same songs, keep repeating the same licks over and over, or maybe you don’t know how to bridge the gap between where you are currently, and where you want to be as a guitar player?

This eBook covers:

- The Fretboard. Break out of the same old shapes and never get lost again!

- Practical Theory. Learn about music the right way, and make learning and being creative easy!

- Technique. Learn how to make any technique a part of your playing.

- Improvising and Songwriting. Learn to be creative with everything you now no, whether beginner or advanced!

London, UK